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One year out

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:rolleyes: Hello everyone its been awhile since I posted. Today marks my lapband birthday. I can say the first year has been a period of adjustment and getting to form a relationship with my band. I have had times of amazement, times of contentment and times of sediment. All in all I would say this is the best thing I have ever done for myshelf and wonder why I waited so long.. My goal was to lose a total of 80 pounds and today I am down 68 pounds not bad for one year. I ve set a goal to get the next 12 pounds within year two and know that is reachable. The weight loss has slowed and I proubly could use another fill but have decided that I am ok with smaller numbers each month at this point in the journey and to see if I can do it with just increasing my activity and exercise more. As long as that scale makes movement downward I will be content. If not a can always get that fill. I have gain so much from this forum. Thank you for sharing it has given great insight in this journey.

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That is great! 12 lbs from goal!!! Can't wait til I get there. I was just banded 1 month ago, so it will be a while. But I started working out daily last week and hope to lengthen the workout as time goes on. Congratulations!

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It is great to hear from you. I was wondering where you had gone too. Congrats on your Bandaversary!

Would love to see Before and After pics. Only if your willing to post them. :)

Take care.



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