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I am off to OCC in the morning

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I am off to OCC in the morning going to see the DDS Thursday and Friday Band day not looking forward to this liquid deal!!!! Its about 1am cant sleep Talk to all soon Larry

Hi Larry! Check back in and let us know how you are doing. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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hi larry congrats on ur decision. the liq. diet isn't that bad. if you get bored with broths in the first week, start visiting asian restaurants -- buy wonton soup from chinese restaurant and sieve out the wontons, the broth is yummy. you can buy pho broth at vietnamese restaurants, ramen broth at japanese restaurants, etc. the variety of flavors (and not having to make them myself) was a lifesaver.

whats helped me on the full liquids phase is making my own soups and having two or three in the fridge at any time, just to have some variety. protein drinks help in the morning, and anytime i want a sweet/filling snack, i have honeyed greek yogurt diluted with a little milk. the surgery itself will leave you sore but other than that, no worse for the wear. and hit up the room service at lucerna, their tlapeno broth is super tasty.

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