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First Fill.

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hi dwayne !

this varies by the person...

there are ppl on here that haven't had a single fill yet and its been ages, but they have restriction combined with some rocksolid willpower. then there are ppl like me who the day i came off post op liquids could tell i had like nearly ZERO restriction, so I scheduled it that very day. Im having my very first fill next week on the 10th.

I think the general rule is if you dont feel restriction, get a fill.

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How is it decided when you get your first fill?? I know its supposed to be in the 6 - 8 week period but do you plan a date right away or do you wait and see how you feel??

I too, had little to no restriction, so I was eager to get my first fill.

By rule, the OCC leaves the band completely empty, so most of us are super excited to get the progress going, which includes getting the first fill.

I booked my fill 6 weeks in advance (yes, i was that eager), but I also didn't get my fills done at the OCC. I have had blind fills, so it's been a process, of 6 fills for me to get to my perfect 'sweet spot' as they call it.

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