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Protein Shake vs Protein Bar


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I don't know about anyone else, but I was told know there is to much sugar in them (which is why they taste ok). I did Muscle Milk lite. I lost 19lbs on the pre-op diet. 10 days with a shake for breakfast and lunch and a lean cuisine for supper. I thought I would have trouble with it, but it was pretty easy if you drink a lot of water and take a Metamucil capsule mid morning and mid afternoon. You'll do better than you think. Good Luck with your journey your stonge thah you think. TC RCR

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There's a BIG difference between shakes & bars, esp when it comes to the SUGAR content.

There's a reason some bars taste like crap, and others taste like a candy bar - basically, they have the same nutritional value!

This is when reading labels is crucial.





Here's a simple approach, what to look for, and what each means.

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