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"I THINK"!!!

i have totally gone off the hook! i think i am eating to fast. even when i try to eat very slow with very small bites i just manage to end up with bigger bites and eating faster. i am so depressed over this. :(

like if the phone rings or someone walks in and starts talking to me. i totally lose my pace.

i had my band on dec 08-04. i did great at first. lost 25 lbs by the end of jan for my first fill. since o have lost 10 more but gained back like 5. i feel like i should be losing more weight. needless to say i have been pbing pretty much everyday for about a month. also i have had a little carbonated hanes diet soda. do you think that that will hurt me?

but gang, all in all my problems are all due to my carelessness. i am very happy with the surgery and all of the staff. infact...."I LOVE THEM"

good luck to all, and if anyone can help me get back on track, i would appreciate it alot.

love, carol

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Have you tried using a smaller fork, like one of those crab forks or a baby fork, it helps to take much smaller bites. Do you wait to eat until you are starving? I know for me if I wait too long to eat, I have a tendency to eat faster. SO I tryto eat before I get to the point of my stomach growling. It works well for me. Pbing once a week is not good. Pbing often can result in your band slipping, you do not want that. Carbonation I was told by Dr. Miranda ( the nutritionalist) it can stretch the pouch, you do not want that either, . Give up the carbonation and try using a smaller fork see if that helps :)

Good Luck

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Aside from possible damage, the carbonation/acidity can also irritate the stoma and exacerbate the pbing problem. I very occasionally have a soda with the carbonation stirred out. Monday, I got a soda and didn't have a way to stir it. Long story short, I drank and seriously irritated my stoma. I guess I won't be doing that again!

I understand your bite problem, I also occasionally find myself getting distracted and eating a too-big bite.

Jennifer in AZ

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PB is productive burping. I simply call is HELL! It sucks. Eat slow, dont take too big of bites or you WILL regret it (for about 20 minutes or so!) And for me in the beginning of eating after my first fill I am learning what will and won't go down easily through trial and error system. Not fun but still learning the band and the signs/symptoms.

Dr. Ortiz says NOOOOO to carbonation. I have heard too many horror PB stories so I will never even try it.

Yep, Shell is right...get yourself a crab fork. Works well! And a baby spoon. Carry it in your purse.

And I am the same way as Shell, if I am "starving" I eat bigger bites and faster and have to constantly say SLOWWWWWW DOWNNNNNNNNNNN JENNAAAAAAA to myself! I usually try to eat the smaller more frequent meals but quite honestly I forget to eat.

HA! Imagine that!

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