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Any good Fill centers near Minnesota

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Hi, I am nearing my 6 week post op time and starting to think more about fills. I live in southern Minnesota and would love to have some options for Fill Locations. The Fill Center USA in New Prague, MN didn't seem all that impressive on the phone. Has anyone used them? Was it just a bad receptionist? I am planning a trip to the OCC in early November for a fill but don't think I can wait that long to get my first. Any ideas?? I've heard about a fill location in Sioux Falls, SD...a Dr. O'brien and a Dr. Strand?? Anyone used these guys?? How many of you get fills without fluoro?? Getting a fill with fluoro in the states seems very difficult and expensive. Many of the bigger hospitals around here will do the fill but by the time I pay for all the "endocrinology consult" fees "surgeon consult" fees and each fill, plus fluoro....by that time the trip to the OCC seems pretty cheap....and a lot less hassle. Thanks for listening...would love to hear your feedback.


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If you do a forum search for Fill Centres, you'll find my review on them, in general.

I was not impressed either.

Your best bet, IMO, is to find a bariatric doctor in your area, and see if they'll do your fills.

A lot of doctors won't, as the band wasn't placed by them. (it can be a liability ..)

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