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Back home from band removal surgery

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HI all,

I am finally back from TJ after having my band removed due to erosion. The surgery was hard on me, for many reasons physically and emotionally. However Dr Ortiz and Martinez did a wonderful job, and I had the same great experience with everyone there as always.

My surgery went wonderful and smooth. They did not have a difficult time removing it and I was told that yes absolutely yes I can have my band back in 6 months. HOOORAY!!!!!!!!! In the meantime I am currently on liquids for 2 weeks and then can do solids 3rd week out. I will continue to make good food choices and exercise during this time of NO LAP BAND LAND!.

I fee very confident that I will do well with my diet and exercise without my band. I have decided that if I lose the rest of the weight of 65lbs between now and my 6 months I will not have the band put back in, or if I get pregnant ( my husband and I are trying) before the 6 month period. If the weight is not gone and I'm not pregnant I WILL have the band put back in.

If anyone wants to know more details about the surgery and specifics exactly I will be more than happy to tell you the surgery experience and details, there is so much more to it than I have indicated here in this message, more than happy to dicuss with anyone.

My band experience for 1 1/2 years was wonderful with all the weight that I lost so I dont regret one moment of having the band It saved my life and my health. I will succed at this with or without the band. The band taught me alot I mean alot about food choices and emotions tied to food, and why I overeat. I will not forget that for one moment.

I want to thank all of you that emailed me personally during my difficult time before my band removal I really really appreciate it alot. All of you bandsters are wonderful.

Keep up the good work and strive for success.

Jennifer Pedigo


Dr Martinez & Ortiz


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I'm glad things went so well. I'd like to ask a touchy question that you don't have to answer if you don't want to: what are the charges going to be like for the removal? Will the replacement cost the same as an initial placement?

I always thing in worst-case scenerio and I want to start a small pot of savings to cover any future surgeries. :unsure:

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So sorry that you had this happen to you. I think it is the "luck of the draw". I am really glad you will be getting your band again though! And I really admire your determination to keep eating healthy and continue your weight loss!!!

I also have the same questions as calliaz.

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