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I was banded in June of 2009. My first fill wasn't until March 2010, my second was in August 2010. After the first fill I felt a bit of restriction but soon could eat like I always had. The second fill made a noticeable difference. What I have learned is how important it is to really chew your food. If I don't chew thoroughly it gets stuck, I PB, and I feel like I want to die!!!!All of this led me to wonder if the weight problem I had was a result of not taking my time when eating and not chewing my food well. Now, I pay attention when I eat and I realize I never did before. Something that takes me 20 minutes to eat now could have been gone in less than 5 minutes before. I find that by chewing more I enjoy my food more and I am full with much less food. Just something to think about. I am a science teacher and I tend to analyze everything that goes on, this time it was chewing!!

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Great post...a whole new way of eating and chewing! I have also found "eating on the run" is no longer possible either! Along with eating when stressed, upset, or not focused..these things make the band tighten up or me..both make it hard to actually eat and have the food not stick..this has been a great new lesson over the months and I am learning new habits for the first time.

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