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Fill Drama--

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Ok, most of you know I'm 7 months preggo. Band was a little tight so I reluctantly went in for a slight unfill by a doctor who is a friend of a friend who offered to do it for no charge. He told me I had 3.2 cc's when he withdrew the fluid. So I wanted .5cc out. He talked me into taking out 1.2 cc supposedly leaving 2cc even. Well, afterward of course I was TOTALLY a happy camper. No heartburn, no getting stuck etc. BUT I was able to EAT EAT EAT. And being preggo, well you know what kind of appetite I have anyway. So I went back last week and asked him to put back .5cc. When he withdrew the fluid there was only 1.5cc in there. Hmmmmmmm....did he miscalculate, is there a leak or did he take more???? SO--he reluctantly agreed to put me back to 3cc. When he withdrew the needle I noticed that he didn't do it fast and also didn't hold pressure on the plunger and I swear I felt cold fluid leak under my skin. So I go home and eat dinner and I didn't even have to chew. So I go from the original 3.2cc where I can barely swallow milk to 3cc where I can eat anything.

Fastfoward to today. I got back in and when he withdraws there is only 2.5cc. Geez. What is going on here? He says there is not a leak b/c when he does a pressure test....pushes in fluid it has a good pressure that pushed back. And I doubt it's a slow leak cuz then I would have had restriction in the beginning and tapered off. So today I did see that he applied pressure to the plunger upon removing it and removed it fast to keep the fluid from coming back in the syringe. So now I'm back to 3cc and on my way to a dinner meeting and anxious to test it out.

Wish me luck. I'm praying for some restriction. I have 10 weeks left in this pregnancy and now is not the time to try to start depending on will power and I refuse to gain a whole lot of weight. UGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!! I know I'm getting enough food b/c I was constantly grazing and drinking shakes, etc....and the baby is growing on target....so no haters on the fill during pregnancy :)))

Thanks for listening and has anything like this ever happened to anyone????

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No, but I'm interested in hearing about the band during pregnancy. I got my band after gaining 70 pounds with my first child. After losing 75, I'm planning for my second child. How much have you gained?

Congrats to you and your little one!

The band has been great during the pregnancy. I have had quite an appetite and honestly if I had not been overfilled until now I would have gained 50lbs already. As of my last visit I had gained 8lbs but I go in today and I think I've gained about 2 more. I am VERY happy with 10lbs so far and my doc gave me a goal of 15 lbs--so I'm pretty much on target.

Now, hopefully I can get some restriction back and I'm really hoping I didn't spring a leak with these last few adjustments. I don't feel much restriction even since the refill yesterday. He told me there was 3cc, but when he withdrew there was only 2.5. He put 3 back in and I go back in a week and he wants to check the level. UGGGGHHH..I should have left it alone and dealt with the tightness. I know I did the right thing by taking out some fluid but geez--I want some restriction back!!!

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ok, so I'm back EXACTLY where I started 3 weeks ago. TOO TIGHT. But I give up. Hello protein shakes. I will travel to the OCC once the baby is born. I am still able to eat plenty of food as long as it's soft. I'm just happy to have some restriction back.

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