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indigestion and heartburn

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I had a sleeve three days ago. went in for a band and after talking to others in the waitin groom and a nurse who had gone from a band to a sleeve, decided just to do the sleeve. I did the plication verision where they roll your stomach,not staple it and then cut off of the excess. I have virtually no pain but have terrible heartburn and indigestion. Husband says it is probably from the shock to my stomach- they were squeezing it, rolling it etc and now it can't figure out where everything is supposed to be. In any case, I am miserable. Throwing up from the terrible taste constantly which can't be good. Have tired the meds they gave me but since I can't swollow it, the taste once again makes me gag and then throw up.

will I ever be able to swallow pills again - if so, what size. I know with a band they say pea size - is it about the same with a sleeve?

Any thoughts?


BTW I saw someone say OCC wanted them to stay a week. They never mentioned it to me. I am not about 2 hrs from home in PHX

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how are you doing today? I hope better. Have to start keeping things down (me) and in (you) so we don't get dehydrated. Boy am I glad I don't have the big D on top of everything else. It's amazing how little issue I have with the surgery pain but with the other things.

The bloated, rumbling is the gas in your stomach that they use when they do the surgery. Try to swallow a gas X they are really small or take two fo the strips (that equals one pill). That really helped.

What meds are you on? Maybe that is what causing the D?

DId you get sleeve or plication?

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Get your regular doc to prescribe a reflux med for you. I'm on Protinix and it's a life saver. Can tell if I miss it for even a day or two. With it -- wonderful, no pain, sour stomach, reflux, burning. Without it -- awful. There are other meds for it, so see what your doc recommends and what your insurance covers.

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