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Weekly Support Call -Wednesdays 6PM Pacific

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**Note: This call will only be held if at least 3 people email me confirming their participation. So, if intersted, send me a note letting me know you'll be there for sure.**

Alright bandsters, Just as I thought, the idea of a conference call has generated sufficient interest. I just want to clarify, there will be no professionals on the call, just fellow bandsters who believe that talking is the best medicine. We will discuss what we have gone through, everything from successes, failures, excitement, problems, solutions. Let's all unite and talk about what has worked for us and what hasn't, share about any resources that have been useful to you etc.

Also, pre bandsters welcome. If you are considering lap band surgery and want to talk to other bandsters, you're welcome to join the call.

We'll meet on Wednesdays at 6PM Pacific Time/9PM Eastern for about an hour, whatever works. The format I propose.

Introductions (optional, you don't have to talk if you don't want to, just listen): Name, Surgery Date, Decision Weight, Surgery Weight, Current Weight, Briefly what you've been eating (liquid diet, first week full liquids, etc), Briefly Week's experience (how did you live the last week on the diet that you've been following).

Sharing: I will begin sharing this week. I will talk about my story, who am I, my lifetime struggle with weight up until surgery, I will talk about my surgery and how it's been for me since. If anyone else would like to share, please email me beforehand so that I can allocate sufficient time.

Problems and solutions: Here's where fellow bandsters can bring up a problem and other bandsters can discuss what has worked for them.

Q&A: Have questions, just ask. Somebody surely has gone through this before.

If you think I should include other items in the meeting format, please let me know. Happy trails to you all and talk to you soon.

Here's the call in info.

Dial-in number

1 (213) 289-5450

Access code


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We had our first call today. There were 4 paticipants including the moderator: Emily, Coleen, Tammy and Judith. I know the group was small but it gave us an opportunity to chat without a specific format in mind. 3 of the participants have been banded within the last 3 weeks and 1 was banded in April this year. It is exciting to hear that one of the particpants is going on solids tomorrow. Good luck to you. And to Tammy and myself let's just keep at it for one more week. Coleen, I hope that it was of someo comfort to talk to other bandsters, even us newbie's. :D

I hope to see you on the call next week so that we can start forming a sense of a community. It was very nice to hear your intros, where you are at, what kind of struggles you are facing. I hope this call was as helpful to you as it was for me.

Talk to you soon and everyone else welcome to join us next week.


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Hi everyone, I just wanted to remind everyone about our weekly call. Today at 6PM Pacific. I look forward to hearing from you.

Also, I have one person sharing today. Is there anyone else who would like to share?


I am working tonight but will be there in spirit.

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