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First update in a while

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I do still lurk around and read posts but thought I'd give an update on where I'm at. My weight loss stalled for about 6 months

starting in January. I got tight and I was hanging around 180 for a while. I was pbing often. I finally in June went in to the OCC to have things checked and had 1 cc removed to 2.0cc. He said my pouch was a little stretched but to come back in 6 weeks and have things looked at again.

Hoping it would go back. I did liquids as ordered for 4 days and 6 weeks later ( and 4 pounds heavier at 184 ) I had the band checked and it looked great. He put in .6 and I now am at 2.6 I'm finally losing. I'm at 175 and have not pb'd once since June! Granted when I started watching and counting calories, things started to kick in for me. I feel this is key. Small meals and dont test the band. I'm still able to eat some bread as long as its toasted and I do eat thin crust pizza! I feel I can eat a better variety than I did when I initially lost the 23 pounds last year and I feel great.

I feel this is how the band is supposed to work. Eat the same... just less.

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that's great! I've been banded for 10 months or so and I am just starting to lose about 1 lb every two-three days. don't feel discouraged. I'm glad you got checked out before you did any damage to your band. Well I hope you stay motivated and wish you lots of luck in your journey.. I know it's hard even when banded. <3

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