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getting sick after eating


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I just started eating foods two weeks ago after a plication and have gotten sick twice. trying to figure out why ... the first time I had a few bites of m. potatoes but then forgot and drank a few sips of water. Major sliming episode

then today I had only 3-4 bites of mac and cheese and same thing happened although less extreme.

Both time I was in a car shortly after eating at restaurants and wonder if that caused it.

Just getting a tad frustrated as I don't want to get malnourished.

I didn't even know plication patients got sick or slimed?

Any thoughts?


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mac & cheese won't be an easy food to eat if you're feeling restriction.

Actually, I don't think I've been able to have pasta since ... so, take it more as a mental note.

NO more mac & cheese.

It's a blessing in disguise - that's not a healthy food choice anyways ;)

Pick high protein food choices, to ensure you're getting enough calories (& keeping your energy high and consistent).

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