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Hospital Stay?

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So, I am coming down for my band on Nov. 15th, and I am just curious if anyone can give me an idea of what to expect with my stay at the OCC? I am under the impression that I have my surgery Monday, and then stay over night there on Monday night and Tuesday night, and then leave Wednesday? While you are there, do they give you liquid diet post op, or is there a fasting period? Also, do they give you pain medicine? Any and all information or little tid bits that anyone could offer would be awesome. I am one of those people who like to be REALLY prepared for stuff like this.. :wacko:


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I stayed in the hospital only one night and went back to the Marriott after. They have juices for you after your surgery, They take very good care of you. I had a nurse assigned to me and she came to get me up after the surgery. She gave my shoulders a good massage because that's where the anesthesia gas settles sometimes and can cause you to ache. Then she got me up, held my hand and walked me in the hallway. I felt very well cared for. It's an amazing place. When I got back to the hotel they had the clear broths you will need. The dining room is used to dealing with OCC patients so they have what we need. I had broth and popsicles. One thing I might suggest is that you get some liquid vitamins to take with you and maybe some liquid Tylenol.

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Guest icurhere2

First, don't stress. I went alone and it was Easy.

I suggest a couple of things -

Slipper socks (so you can walk the halls without putting on shoes). Just get the inexpensive kind and toss when you leave.

Comfy sweatpants and tee to use for jammies after surgery (replacing the lovely gown). Prevents flashing :lol: while walking the hall.

Crystal Lite, Propel (or other flavoring for water).

I had a long flight and bought an abdominal binder to wear home. Even though your incisions are tiny, it made me more comfortable on the plane and prevented seatbelt rub. Also, I bought some Isopure. TSA in San Diego had no problem letting me carry these aboard after I told them they were medicinal. I asked the flight attendent for some ice and sipped them on the way home along with my crystal lite water.

Good luck!

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