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Trying not to gain weight now that my band is unfilled

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Since I had to have my band unfilled on October 22nd from my overfill from "hell", I am having a hard time maintaining my previous weight loss..

I crave all my old comfort foods like Macaroni and Cheese, chocolate,breads etc. I feel like scarfing down food like crazy now that I have no restriction..... Any suggestions.....?????????????

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I sometimes have these bars called Full Bars. They were developed by a bariatric surgeon to help people feel full. You eat a bar and drink a glass of water 30 min before a meal. They really do make you feel full.

I am off to get some Full Bars....Thanks

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Be strong! And get a fill as soon as you can.

Not to be so negative...but my band was overfilled and very inflamed. I couldn't keep anything down. I was miserable. I had them take out the fill and only put half back. For the first few days till probably week 3 I was fine. Then when I realized I could eat what I wanted again without fear of it getting stuck I went overboard. In 8 weeks I gained back 24 pounds!

Much to my family's disliking I am going back for a fill tomorrow at a fill center. I am hoping it is not an overfill again but that "sweet spot" that everyone talks about.

Be strong and try to resist. It is smart to take out the fill if your band needed some "rest" but don't wait as long as I did. It is almost like the biggest loser...you don't realize how not ready you are to face the real world...and the band fakes us out making us feel like we are on "the ranch" away from the real world.

Good Luck to you!

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