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I delayed my first fill by 9 months, complications?

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Banded 2/19/10. Dropped 35 lbs within 3.5 months and plateaued. Currently maintaining at 240lbs. Most of the dieting is mental at this point. The band just really serves as motivation to eat healthy. Unfortunately, I've reached this weight before thru Atkins, so I'm really hoping the band would help me get to a point that past diets failed to do.

So...have I done myself a misjustice by not getting the first fill sooner?

I'm getting the fill on 11/19 and was curious if I should have high hopes for a few more pounds of weight loss?

Will delaying the first fill by 9 months cause any complications?

Look forward to hearing from every one and good luck achieving your weight loss goals!

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Without obvious diet & lifestyle changes (often preempted by the band) there won't be any change.

It sounds like you're right on track though!

You've lost quite a bit of weight, without any restriction --- I'd love to see how you do after you feel a bit!

A lot of banders don't get fills - they feel successful (and actually are) without it ... so no, one doesn't have anything to do with the other.

If you felt your restriction was ok, then it probably was. Again, it sounds like your mental state is in the right place :)

Remember, that's the purpose of the band - restrict stomach a bit.

Don't compare 'this time', to 'last time' --- I think many of us do this, basically sabatoging our mental state ;)

This time it's going to be forever, right?!

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Albert Einstein, (attributed)

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I personally think you have an advantage to all of us who ran off to get our fills when were able to get our first fill... If you were able to lose weight without the restriction and relied only on your self control, determination, and hard work (not to say, losing weight with restriction is not hard work, IT IS) but I think that now you're actually going to get that extra little kick in the butt to lose more weight. I hope you've been practicing drinking 45 minutes after you eat because with restriction it will actually hurt if you drink after you eat... I don't think you would have any complications if you have already been exercising the small meals and chewing well... If not. Then maybe you'll have to start. Good luck on getting the weight off. :) I'm getting a fill on the 20th of November.

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I got my first fill 8 months after I was banded. It was simply a matter of money and distance because I live in NJ. I had no trouble whatsoever with the fill. My weight didn't start to come off until after my second fill which was in August of this year. Since then I have lost 14 pounds. You will be fine.

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