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Dr. Miranda was right! I'm Pregnant!!!

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:lol: When I had my surgery in July, I had told the nutritionist, Dr. Miranda, of my 7 year saga of trying to get pregnant with no results. She "guaranteed" me that with some weight loss, I'd be pregnant within a year. I smiled at what I thought was a vacant promise, and held very little hope. I had been thinking that at almost 40 years old, it was highly unlikely that I'd ever have children. Well, wouldn't you know, after only 7 months post-surgery and 50 pounds of weight loss - SHE WAS RIGHT!!! I am now 8 weeks pregnant and so excited it is beyond belief! Thank goodness my morning sickness is just a slight queasiness, something I can handle with the band, and so far, other than having to crush my vitamins and drink them in a nasty sludge my nutrition seems O.K.

My questions are many. Have any of you been pregnant with the band? What were your experiences?

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As a former Labor and Delivery RN and fellow Bandster I congratulate you! For the pregnancy AND the wt loss! That is awesome! You go girl!


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