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Digesting Water after a Fill


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Just got another (I asked for a small fill) but not exactly sure how much was put in. When I left - it just "felt" tight

So I took a 3 day liquid diet after my fill just to make sure things were ok.

I'm wondering how long should it take (on average) to have water go through your port? I just measured - and I drank about 3/4 of a cup of water at 10:45am and now at 11:35am I

feel like I can take another drink - although things are still gurgling around so I know all of the water has not passed.

I used to (before my last fill) drink something, have a slight delay - and then it would go right through.

Just wondering now if I'm too tight or if this is normal for a 4th fill.....

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I saw your question a few days ago and decided to offer my perspective.

After a fill, I do not drink 'alot' of cold water because I am typically a bit swollen and it feels like a slow pipe. I prefer to drink alot of green tea, Earl Grey and peppermint tea (which by the way is excellent for our tummies and nausea). The warmth feels good and I believe it helps relax my new fill a bit.

Personally, I was once VERY tight and had the same issue you are going through. It took FOREVER for anything to go down. Even just an ounce. After hoping for 6 days things would settle down, I went and had .2 removed. It was like the floodgates were opened.

If you are having to wait for 1-2 ounces of water to go down, I would suggest getting a fluoro...or at the very least .2-.4 removed.

You do NOT want to pooch your pouch (or keep the irritation going and have a slippage).

Keep us posted. xoxo

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