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port shift after so 2.5 years??

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i was banded by dr.ortiz 2.5 years ago and have not had any complications. have not had any fills for 8 months. today i started feeling some discomfort in my lower left abdomen area (which is pretty much where my port is) and felt some odd "clicking" sort of movement. was driving at the time and figured it was just a rib laying weird or something. when i got out of the car, i felt some more discomfort and when i went to gently press on the area, realized it was my port are and noticed that my port feels quite different than it usually does. its always felt rather flat at the site but today it feels more protruding and very much like the edge or the side of the port is now facing forward. i've recently lost 25lbs quite quickly and i'm wondering if something like that can cause enough change in body shape/ stomach shape that it could cause a shift in the port.

i know that the standard response would usually be to go get it checked out, but i live in canada and have to fly 2 provinces away to see a fill doctor. very expensive and time consuming if not necessary. especially when i don't even need a fill! is it possibly that my port could have rotated after all this time?? and if so, is that something i should be concerned about or would it just be left as is.

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why don't you call Dr. So, or Ortiz, they are very helpful and kind about helping without using the get it checked out. They all have phone numbers and emails and are easy to get a hold of.

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I would have to agree with the others, get it checked out. Sounds like your port came unattached from your abdomen wall. Maybe your private MD could do a xray for you? if I was going to be a bettin lady I would bet your port is just floating

around in there. There should be NO pain after 2.5 years.

Call your MD and Call Dr. Ortiz...what do you have to lose? Oh ya--possible your weight loss, you could puncture an organ...Good luck

Kim :wub:

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