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Fill Doctor in Nashville TN who uses Flouro.

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I wanted to pass on another option for a place to get a fill in the USA with a Doctor who uses Flouro. Dr Houston will "adopt" patients who have had their surgery in Mexico.

This is my second go around on fills after getting my band filled twice at the OCC without problems. After that my horrible experience with a third fill attempt at the IL Fill Center by a Nurse Practitioner who did not know what she was doing. I had to be hospitalized and have a total unfill then wait 6 weeks to start this process again.

I still don't have much restriction yet but Dr Houston said he did not want to take a chance with my band being too tight. I really like him and his office staff. I stayed in the Union Station Wyndham Hotel, which was beautiful the night before and then drove 5 minutes to his office. I bid on my room at priceline.com using the Downtown Nashville option and got a great deal. Another place that is fun to stay at is at the Opreyland Hotel.

If anyone wants information you can call Dr Houston's office. His phone number is (615) 342-5820 . Elizabeth is his secretary. I was able to get my Flouro paid by insurance for $40 instead of $150. Hope this helps

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