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One year down and no loss

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I got my band on Dec 22 2009. As of my one year anniversary, I still hadn't lost anything and am trying to really look deep and figure out why I am failing at this.

I started logging at Livestrong. I typically consume less than 1000 calories per day. I know I have grown careless with some of my eating - I had a calzone on Thursday and pizza over the weekend. But my overall calories are still low which means I should lose weight right?

I do focus mostly on protein. And avoid carbs. I decided that starting tomorrow I will start focusing more on fat.

It's really rough weighing in week after week with no change. There have even been times over the past year that I have gained weight because I got so discouraged and started junking again.

I've also made more deliberate exercise since my one year anniversary. This week I played racquetball twice, skated twice, and did the elliptical at my apt gym once. In addition to those, I've gradually developed a habit of push-ups with my son every night, but I still have to keep my knees on the ground (feet locked and elevated for more resistance). I do 4-5 sets of 10.

I get advice from all over. I eat too little. I need to be more consistent with my calorie intake. My body thinks it's starving and it holds on to its fat. If these are true then why did I get the surgery? I got it to eat less and eating less is not making me lose weight.

I talked to my nutritionist. She had me add some supplements and I've taken them every day since Dec.

Anyway, here's my profile with my log. http://www.livestrong.com/profile/vjosie/ Maybe someone has some more advice. I planned out a menu that I know I can work with in my job. I entered all of it for tomorrow and we'll see what happens. Although my nutritionist said not to do cereal/oatmeal, I think it just might work more in my favor.

7am: protein shake made with one scoop whey protein (no sugar), 1/2 c frozen blueberries, 4 cubes diced mango, and 1 c sugar-free almond milk.

9am: Activia light vanilla yogurt

11am: 1 c Trader Joe's turkey chili

2pm: 1 packet weight control oatmeal

6 or 7 pm: 4oz grilled chicken breast, maybe with salad greens

post workout, only on days I work out hard for 40+ minutes, I'll have some lightly frosted shredded wheat

All in all, here are my totals:

Cals 976

Fat 12 g

Cholesterol 153 mg

Sodium 1284 mg

Carbs 137 g

Fiber 25 g

Protein 83 g

Sugars 48 g

What do you think of my new plan? How does it compare to your successful meal plans?

Thanks in advance for your support and assistance,


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IMHO, you're eating not nearly enough whole foods.

Almost everything you're listing is prepackaged, pre-made ...

I'd definitely focus on HIGH protein, for your energy source; not carbohydrates.

And nothing pre-packaged.

You'd be shocked at the amounts of nitrates you're consuming in a day. Very scary.

I had a quick look at your food choices, and taking out little things like mango first thing in the morning will make a difference.

Too high in sugar, and not needed for AM. But really, that's really getting into details, and I could do that for everything I see listed. Go with he basics for now...

Without knowing your current bodyfat & weight, nor height, I would keep these #'s in mind and to aim for:

your protein should be at least 150g/day

Fats <90g/day

Sodium <900g/day <<I just a few days were you're in the 3-4k's

Hope this helps a bit.

But i think if you really clean up your food choices, you'll see some changes.

Also, your workouts.


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