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Plication questions

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Hi, I'm Sarah and today I scheduled a Plication surgery for the beginning of March. Now I am really nervous. I need to have my mind set at ease.

1) Is the procedure really reversible? I have heard opposing opinions on the subject.

2) I have about 60 pounds to lose. My BMI is 32. Is this a suitable surgery for me? Is there anyone else out there with a slightly lower BMI who has had the surgery? What were your results??

3) Can anybody tell me how this process has affected them emotionally? I have this fear that because I have an emotional and physical addiction to food that I will be sad when I can't eat much anymore.

I am looking forward to the health benefits of weight loss as I am only 35 and on cholesterol medication. My father first had a heart attack at age 39 and died of a heart attack at 54 and he was a health guru. He put my lifestyle to shame. My Mother and Brother both have diabetes and cardiovascular problems so I want to make this change now....while I still can.

I'd love to hear anything anybody who has had the procedure has to say. What was your experience at OCC?



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I totally understand your situation, Sarah. I was BMI of 35, and had a horrible family history and high BP, high cholesteral, sleep apnea, fatty liver. I got the plication by Dr. Ortiz and am thrilled with the results! My goal is not a set weight, but to be off medication. Best of luck. I highly recommend Dr. Ortiz. I feel wonderful and am down 25 pounds. :)

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