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pain after unfill

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I was banded 12/29/10, I have had 2 fills but had the 2nd one removed a week later because I was too tight and could keep nothing down. Anyway since the unfill my left side has been sore by my port, my lower back and side. I also feel bloated and have more gas than normal. The pain gets worse after eating, but I don't think I over eat, I measure my food. Sometimes the pain is bad and other times it's just a dull pain. Sometimes it goes away at night and then comes back the next morning.Also sometimes I have like a belly ache, but nothing real bad. But when that happens I start to wonder if I'm caughting something, then it goes away. I'm not sure if I should call the doctor or not. He thought I was eating to much or too fast after my 2nd fill and that was why nothing stayed down. Yet after unfill I ate the same and I was fine. I did have the foamies a few times, but I know I ate fast then. So anyway anyone know why I feel this way?

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WOW... this sounds painful. I got banded the day before you and I had an experience with pain on my port area after I ate but this was due to irritation.. I drank too much one day and threw up and totally irritated my band. A few days of liquids fixed it back up. But CALL THE DOCTOR. I wouldn't expect anyone on here to tell you what's wrong with you and be right. I suggest you call. I made a post when I was irritated wondering if anyone else experienced it... but I got a sense of relief when Dr. So knew exactly what it was when I explained the symptoms. So call them. It seriously only takes like a few minutes and you should be able to talk directly to the Dr. Keep us posted. I really want to know what it is that you're going through. I really hope you feel better.

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