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I had a band (think it was call vertical banding??) done in 1985. Weighed 305lbs. Lost 100 lbs in 6 months but had complications and was not able to swallow my own saliva but didn't tell anyone because I was so happy with the weight loss. Collapsed at 6 months and was hospitalized. IVs put on 30 lbs which took another 6 months to get back off but I wasn't sick anymore. Lowest weight 202lbs.

Started gaining. Went back up to 330 lbs. 2002 had Revision RNY bypass. Got medial (70 inches). Went to 222lbs. Still have diarrhea problem but weight loss has stopped. I will admit to not following the restrictions anymore.

Now back to 280 lbs but want to loose again. Am looking for alternate method to restart my loss and get me motivated to stay on track.

I have back-slidden but have not given up.

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