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Surgery scheduled - how to explain

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B) I'm scheduled for the surgery on May 4th and am a bit nervous - just want it to be over. How has everyone handled the questions people have? I have to tell my oldest daughter what I'm doing, since I"m going out of town. She's 40 and I know she'll argue with me about it. I told my youngest daughter yesterday that I had made this decision - she didn't approve. Thanks for any suggestions.

Kathryn in Oceanside

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Hi Grandmax3,

I recently told my mom about my planned surgery because I wanted her to travel to Mexico with my husband, kids, and myself, for support. I basically explained to my mother about my past dieting failures, and of the benefits of this surgury. Putting it mildly, she was "very" upset, mostly worried. I then mentioned that the surgery was to be performed in Mexico. She then "hit the roof"! After explaining more details of the surgery, she has settled down a bit and has slowly come around to accepting it. She now will be watching my older daughter at home while my husband, infant son, and myself, go to Mexico for the surgery. There is no easy way of telling those you love. Just remember, THIS IS YOUR LIFE, take care of yourself first! Everyone has an opinion, just don't let opinions get in the way of your new life! Let me know how the surgery goes!

All the best,

Tracy W.

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