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Pain/Discomfort while stretching

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Hi All,

The other day, I slowly stretched backwards to help relieve some of the pressure in my back, and felt a "pulling" pain/discomfort in teh general area of my stomach. It wasn't from one of teh incisions.

Has anyone else felt anything like this? I am nervous to even stretch these days - I find myself becoming a bit of a hunchback!


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Hi, I do exactly the same thing to ease my back and am paranoid that I'm going to pull the port out of its spot or cause some other sort of damage. I need to stretch but am being super careful now after feeling quite a bit of discomfort in the port area. The exercises that give the most relief definitely pull on my port, so I dare not do them. Fingers crossed that I've not caused any damage. Would love to know if anyone has run into problems?

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