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A banded friend had this strange thing happen. She has had her band for a few years now and went to get an adjustment (under fluro)- everything seemed to go well. However the next day she complained of no restriciton at all - NONE as if there was no band at all. She was way over eating. So after a few days she went back in, she was CONVINCED she had a leak. The office did a dye test and found that luckily she was leak free, however her esopogus had massively dialated from improper chewing and was acting like another pouch - all of her food was just sitting in her esophogus. Additionally, the nerve that sends the "stop eating" signal is no longer delivering the message so she just kept on eating and never felt the "soft stop" stage. Now she is on liquids for a few weeks to try to correct the problem. What is scary is that she thought she needed more restriction because she was too loose, when it was a dialated esophogus. Scarey!

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