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I jut wanted to take the opportunity to thank Gloria and DR So. I came back for my third fill on April 20. Who would not guess that the night before I left we would get "5 of snow in Madison. My plane was late getting into Dallas and I missed my connection to San Diego. After dealing with the ever so CHARMING gate agent at American. Then not being able to access the internet and make other arraignments with OCC. I found out you have to pay for WiFi at Dallas. I finally got through to Gloria and told her I was still coming ,but I was going to be late. I then tried to change my ticket to a later flight only to be told I would have to pay $900. I called Gloria back and told her I would not get in til 5:30pm and leaving at 6:30am the following morning. She told me that was fine the van would be waiting for me and Dr So would do my fill. I got there about 6:30pm and got my fill and then went to the Lucerna which BTW I think is the best of the three as I have stayed at all of them. The van picked me up at 4:00am and I was in the San Diego airport through security by 5:05am. So what was the trip from hell became better because of the kindness and professionalism of Gloria, Dr. So and the Occ staff who went out of there way to stay late and accommodate me. It's been a long time since I have seen customer service like this. So to anyone who is thinking of going to OCC and is a little leery and reads this. You will never get the care in the states that you will receive here. Again Thank You Gloria and Dr. So. Dr. Ortiz if you read this you should be proud of the wonderful staff you have there as I am proud to be a patient with you and OCC. Sincerely Kevin Procter (banded April 15 2010)

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I agree with you Kevin on the outstanding care and professionalism of the entire staff and doctors at OCC. Although I have yet to get my first fill the entire process of getting and having the surgery was unlike any I have had in the states, in a very good way! My anxieties and fears were addressed to me as a person. They made it seem effortless and may not have even known it. The personal contact and connections made INCLUDING my husband being with me before and after I left the OR is a HUGE plus in my book. On top of it all the doctors at OCC are the best in the business at what they do!

Thank you everyone at OCC for being a positive part of this life changing surgery!


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