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Just An Update

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So - I haven't checked in for some time - the great thing is, I am almost under 200! That's 85 pounds lost! That's 8.5 bags of 10 lbs of potatoes. That's a small child. That's going from a size 26ish to a size 18 and now even the size 18 is loose.

I haven't had a fill since my last (which is almost a year ago)... and I'm still really tight. I can't say that I'm always good about what I eat, but the weight is coming off so much faster since I've started excercising more. I now walk about 3 miles a day minimum and sometimes I walk four or more hours a day. I'm really excited about the possiblity of being under 200 by Memorial Day weekend, that is when my oldest daughter graduates.

The hardest part of this surgery is being committed - not to the surgery - but to myself. I fell off the horse in the beginning and then dusted myself off and got back on. YOU CAN DO THIS! I CAN DO THIS! I'M DOING IT!!

Wishes to all of you - success, happiness and health!

- Simone

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