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Liquid consumption

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I'm new here and had my plication with dr. v on June 9th. I have lost 16 lbs post op and have been feeling pretty good the last few days. I had horrible gas for 6 days but it has gotten much better. Here is my question...I don't seem to get full if I drink a full cup of liquid within a 5 minute period. If I am really thirsty or hungry and I sit down for some miso soup, I can drink 6-8 ozs. Fairly quickly. I don't gulp it down, I just sip it. Afterward I don't feel full or miserable, just normal. I don't drink this much all the time, just occasionally and only when I am famished.

So, having said all that, do you think it is possible I have stretched my stomach already? Or do liquids tend to vacate the stomach pretty quickly? Any thoughts? Thanks!

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One more thing...anyone here getting cravings and want to eat at 9 days into the plication or am I the only one?


I had my surgery Jun 8th (did I meet you there?) and so far I haven't really wanted to eat. I feel nauseous much of the time, so food just doesn't look appetizing to me at all. My son is visiting and he bought a bunch of junk food - Pizza, Pizza bites, Doritos, etc. - and it all just looks gross to me.

I went through a period where I was starving. I couldn't seem to get enough to drink. But then I realized that my old habits were playing in. I would go way too long without eating or drinking and then could only drink a little because of the restriction and felt constantly hungry. I adjusted and now I am drinking first thing in the morning and again at lunch and dinner. I'm trying not to allow too much time to go between meals.


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Hi I think for me cravings are a head thing. I've had them several times since my plication on Jan 27/11. Twice I gave in to the craving.................here's what I found out................it was the smell in the bakery that brought on my donut craving..................so I bought one, the one I thought I wanted most.......................broke off a bite, and immediately put the rest in the garbage. The portion was one of my old bites, it took me 4 bites and loads of chewing. I realized the smell got me, my eyes were doing the craving........................I gave into my craving in a controlled way. Also I notice that a tiny bit satisfies my craving. Pre-surgery, I'm not sure I actually tasted much of the donut or any other 'junk' type food cause my taste buds seem to only notice the initial bits after those initial bits the flavor or satisfaction didn't increase by eating more. Not sure if this applies to anyone else, just something I've noticed about my self. The other thing I've noticed is the less I have those 'junk or no-no' foods, the less I seem to crave them. Creepers, now I crave salads, and baked or bbq veggies. Cheers, Katie

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