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Lap Band with Plication

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I am scheduled for lap band on July 22, and I met with my surgeon today. She said that she is working with a group of surgeons who are doing lap band with plication at the same time. She says the weight loss is more rapid, and that since the stomach is folded and sutured (not stapled) there are fewer complications. She says that they theorize (but can't prove until more dual procedures are further out) that there is less slippage when both are done together. She offered it to me as an option, says it is absolutely fine if I just go with the band. I am torn. I have already lost 43 lbs with diet and exercise as part of my insurance requirements, but I seem to have hit a plateau there. I am 5'5" and 247. Would love to lose another 90-100 lbs, but don't want added risk. My surgeon says that insurance will not cover the plication alone (the folding and sewing variety). Any input?


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Many people have strong opinions, I was going for plication but wasn't able to because of a past surgery. I don't regret the band at all. I had no insurance, paid it out of pocket. At OCC there was not an extra cost for plication as long as there we're no medical exceptions. I looked long and hard at experience of others and found the OCC way above clinics in the US. In the end it is your decision. I wish you well.


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