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Getting Stuck Alot.


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As I mentioned in the General Discussion thread, I just found out that I am about 2 months pregnant. I've noticed that for the past couple of days, the hungrier I am (which seems to be all of the time) the less I am able to eat. :angry:

I am still making good choices of nutritious, chewable foods, like chicken and veggies cooked till tender, and I am paying attention to eating slowly and chewing thoroughly, but I seem to feel stuck after just 3 or 4 bites. I've tried eating little bits every 2 hours or so, and cheese that I can just suck on till it dissolves (like cheddar) seems to be the best, but I know it is very high in fat.

I have lost about 4 pounds since the beginning of the month, which the Doctor says is O.K. and to not worry about.

Does anyone have any suggestions of how I can keep up the proper nutrition for the growth of the baby and not constantly feel like I am stuck but still hungry? I don't want to get an unfill unless it is absolutely necessary.

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Congratulations! Have you spoken w/Dr. Miranda? She has a lot of experience w/people who get pregnant after banding. From what I read in Dr. Ortiz's book, sometimes women do have do get a partial unfill, but you might not need to. Keep us posted, a baby is so exciting! Are you able to swallow the vitamins? I remember they were huge, but I guess you can break or crush them.

Best wishes,


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