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Marriott Hotel - Popsiciles

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Hi Everyone,

Well I just had my VSG revision from the band on July 25th with Dr. Ortiz. I am doing good and am sitting in a hotel in San Diego as I left Mexico today. For your week after surgery you are allowed popsicles. I learned my last night at the Marriott that they actully have FREE ones for OCC patients.. OMG they are SOOOOOOO good. The watermelon is the BEST!

I just had to post this as I did not know and wish I had found out sooner.

Happy surgery everyone.

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Great to know. Thanks for the heads up as I head down there Sept 18. A bit nervous but very excited

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The staff of the Marriott are fabulous! The manager of the restaurant actually had the chef make fresh watermelon Popsicles as I wasn't very keen on the papaya ones. Most of the waiters knew to bring a water glass with your apple juice and bottle of water so you could mix it. The front desk helped us read the medicine bottle's instructions. The manager of the hotel even typed out a map and instructions in Spanish so I could give it to the taxi driver. We ended up with a really nice young man who could speak english and knew the area we wanted to see. He took us there and waited for us and then gave us a lovely tour of Tijuana on the return trip. We made sure to over tip him!

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