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I know a lot of patients in the Chicago area were shaken by the departure of Dr. Watkins at Synchrony Health, I was among them. It left everyone wondering how they were going to find aftercare for their gastric band. Since then, I went seaching for a new doctor. I received a lot of help from those nice people at J&J Realize. Of the two band manufactures, J&J Realize has a first class customer service team, the other band, I don't even want to get started telling you about them.

So, what I have found was a new doctor down state in Illinois. His name is Dr. Parungao, he's located in Galesburg IL. He's accepting new patients, even if you were banded in Mexico. I found his support staff to be very friendly and professional. The contact person for Dr. Parungao is Laura Brent, Bariatric Coordinator, Galesburg Cottage Hospital, email her at, Laura_Brent@chs.net

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That sounds wonderful. I have yet to find a doctor here in Eastern Washington that will "touch" a Mexican banded patient. Anyone know of a doctor near to me?

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