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the food to eat once past the 3 weeks


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I am 1 week into the band and doing fine but was rather hungry today. I haven't really lost any weight yet either . Is that normal? I am doing the full creamy liquids 3 times a day and drinking water.

Also the main food diet seems a bit vague as to what to start out with once you can eat real food. I want to be ready when the time comes . Obviously you cant just start eating meat amd veggies the 22 day or I would think you would have some intestinal pain from it.

Can anyone direct me to where I can find some info on this or share your ideas and what you did once you were able to eat again?

Thanks in advance

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hi goldilocks,

i had my band done on the 9th and I feel like you. yikes 2 more weeks of this.........but I have lost some weight.

but the way i understand it that after the 21 days you go directly to solids and no more protein drinks. I Know it seem scary to me too, but there is a video on youtube where Dr. Ortiz talks about it!

I will e-mail Dr Miranda and have her write an example menu just to get an idea.

My 22nd day is my b-day so that will be a good day to start eating, lol

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Thanks LVBIRGIT for the reply. Congrats ! I had my done on the 9th too so we must have seen each other .

I did ask Dr Miranda about eating solids and she said you start out easy like with soft foods like mashed potatoes etc but that is all she said. I looked up online to see if I could find more info on the solid diet and found a good website that offered some tips on how to proceed. I will post the link below . Let me know what you think as it varys a bit to what she said but all the sites I found say the same.


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Hi all,

Lindsay is right..eat clean, and be aware of what your eating. I found it can be different for everyone. For instance I can eat some things my daughter can't (she too has the band). Small size portion control is important and I have learned to prepare food ahead (once I knew what I liked and could tolerate) and then freeze it. You can go into foods right away but perhaps not what your used to. Consider this your first lesson in your new life...I keep a list of yes/no foods after having tried to eat them..I haven't had a bite of steak in over a year (but the loss is worth it). It gets easier. Think high protein low fat. Greek yogurt is a new fav, protein powder in a morning breakfast shake cause it's hard for me to eat solid at 7 am (band tight in AM). And lot's of water..this is real important. Over the last year I notice serious issues if I do not drink my water..this seems to be the hardest to remember of all..but getting better. There are some books out about post band eatting..but most of all take it slow and enjoy the journey.


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