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Thank Gawd I went to OCC

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Another Lap Band death from 1-800-GET THIN. I am so very happy I went to Mexico and not some uneducated Dr in California. I actually called this 1-800-getthin number to ask how much it was. They gave me the run around and told me they would have a Dr in my area call me. They are actually just a referral service. Similar to the 1-800-dentist campaign. The Dr that called me also wouldn't give me a price over the phone. After getting very frustrated I found a Dr in Orange County (where I live) that told me $18,000. That's when I made my appt with OCC. Since July 2010 I have lost 78 lbs. I am getting so close to goal and thrilled with my results. Thanks to Dr Ortiz and the whole team at OCC.

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I second that Cali !!!!

I have been on other WLS forums and it is mind boggling what nightmares some people went through with their procedures done in the states.

One said they put an adult diaper on her before surgery another one got the incisions STAPLED ! I have seen pics of lap band patients with bruises all over their tummies..... But I am sure we OCC bansters have all been on those sites and got confirmed we made the right decision. I just laugh at the faces my friends and clients make when I tell them I went to TJ to get my lap band.

One of my Dr. friends said.." but you can't sue if something goes wrong" OMG do I pick my surgeons on the basis wow well they can be sued or their experience and ability??????

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