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Aug 16 Plication - only lost 20 pounds so far post surgery

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As I have been reading over and over in all the other WLS forums ......the first 6 weeks are all about healing after surgery!. Some people loose weight others don't!

And even only one pound down is one pound in the right direction.

I am 31/2 weeks post-op from getting banded and really have not lost any weight in the last week, but I am feeling sooooo much better. That includes mentally too!

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My heaviest weight was 235, and the day of surgery I weighed 230. I had the surgery last June and couldn't be happier with my results. I have lost 70lbs!!! I can say that I made a huge conscious effort to make this work... I think the biggest thing would be to limit fast food. I had hit a plateau at one point and started to walk, I would walk 30-45 minutes 3-4 times a week and it really helped kick start my weight loss again. I am still loosing and have surpassed my weight loss goal set for me by the nutrionist at the OCC. I was mentally ready for change, and that meant completly changing my relationship with food. I would also suggest limiting simple carbs, I stay full longer with protein and it then helps keep me from wanting to snack. Good luch with your weight loss journey.

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I had mine in July and only lost 25 lbs. I saved for so long to have this surgery and this is all I lost. I am so depressed it's killing me. I can't believe I only lost 25 lbs. I just can't believe it. I wish I had gone with the bypass. Maybe I would have lost more. I've been to 2 doctors to see if my thyroid was messed up and they both said it was fine. I'm just eating too much. God I just can't believe this. My husband is furious with me.

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I had my plication done in September of 2011. Starting weight- 268 pounds. I am now 195. I have plateaued,

however, I am doing a colon cleanse today/jump starting my weight loss.

Day 1- liquid diet and colon cleanse

Day 2- raw vegetables and fruit.

Day 3- liquid diet

Day 4- raw vegetables, fruit and soup.

Day 5 - soft food diet.

This has helped jump start me in the past, and I would love a good 6 or 7 pounds in the week. It may not work for everyone, but it is worth a try.

Its so important for us to remember that our surgeries are just a weight loss tool, and how much we use it is up to us, right?

Just like a treadmill, we need to use it in order to make it work for us. So- we treat our bodies with RESPECT meaning, no more garbage food.

We may as well be eating out of a trash can if we are eating fast food. I am not perfect, by far, and yes, I do eat fast food occasionally, as well as crap

food at home, and I am seeing that it takes me no where fast and that I am neglecting to use the very expensive tool that I have.

Beverly- If you had surgery with OCC, I suggest talking with Dr.Miranda about a diet plan. She will help you out. =) And if you are eating too much - what are you eating too much of?

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