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7 Months in Down 55 - One Emberassing Problem Though


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I had gastric plication surgery done on March 21 2011 and I am already down 55lbs! I feel great, I am able to move better, been doing a lot more exercise and I'm even enjoying eating better (weird right?).

I have had one ongoing problem that has seemed to have gotten worse the last three weeks and has me very concerned. I've had diarrhea off and on since the surgery but the last three weeks has been much worse than normal. I have not changed my diet at all, I try to stick with chicken, non-spicy foods, limit caffeine intake, some rice, vegetables, the occasional cheat on a burger (no bun) or hot dog, but nothing out of normal.

Could this be a parasitic virus that I would need antibiotics for? As I said I feel great other than the diarrhea, no fever, no aches, pains, I have lots of energy. I have tried yogurt, diarrhea medicine (like pepto and such) with no luck. Some attacks are very painful and have me running for a restroom, I'm waiting for one to be embarrassing (yikes!)

Thank you for any help you can give.

Steve Russell


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There is a lot of nasty stuff even in our veggies we buy from the store we have to worry about (the latest is contaminated lettuce) . I definitely would have it checked out by a Doctor. But a couple good remedies for diarrhea are

1. dark chocolate ( no sugar 80% cocoa )

2. Laxative .. Yes you read right. Laxatives work the opposite when you have the big D for a long time. Instead of watery stool it will help help form a gel like constancy ( i know,tmi, lol)

But like I said go to see your Dr. ......Better save than sorry.

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I am having the SAME thing! And have already had the embarrassing moment too...twice! LOL

I need to get to my gastroenterologist soon as it doesn't seem to be getting any better. In my case I had part of my bowel removed just about a year ago so am hoping that isn't going to be an issue, this did start with the surgery this time, I just keep hoping tomorrow will be better. I just have to plan my meals around my life now. If I have plans I just don't eat.

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