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First fill after surgery

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Its been 6 weeks and I got my first fill yesterday in Vegas and was very pleased with the results. The Dr put 4cc's in . He said to eat liquids over the weekend so the I don't agitate the band . Wasn't excited about that but doing okay. He said to check back in about 4 to 6 weeks and we will see how I am doing .

I notice a fuller feeling when eating which is what I wanted but not so extreme I am miserable.

I haven't lost any weight since I started eating normal food after the liquid diet so now I am hoping to start that process again of losing a couple of pounds a week.

I am keeping a food journal as well.

feeling good !

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hi goldilocks,

Who did your fill in Vegas? I live in Vegas but went yesterday to OCC and had my fill.

My trip there was a nightmare with San Diego fog and the plane could not land and we flew all the way to Oakland....

It was a very long day but I got it done. If you don't mind would you also tell me how much you paid?

I was in the same boat like you and have not lost any weight since after the liquid phase!!!

The doc put in 4.5 cc's. It was cool to see the band working during the fluro.

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I also live in Vegas! Getting my surgery done this Friday (nervous!) I have contacted Dr Ricciardi in case I need to use him for any follow up, but i'm hoping to do all of my fills and follow up at OCC. Can anyone tell me if Ricciardi uses fluro? There is also a dr in Apple Valley, CA (closer than San Diego and TJ) that I found on the Fill centers USA site who uses fluro, or did a few months ago when I called. Since Fill Centers is no longer in business, I don't know if they still do or not.

anyway. Happy banding! We need some sort of Vegas bandsters meet-up.

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Dr Ricciardi says he tries not to use fluro unless its neccessary to prevent over radiation. I am okay with that and the fill he did for me went well. If you are in Vegas I would try him first .

Birgit. I downloaded that app you told me about and love it." My fitnesspal"

Already used it today. really helps. Thanks a bunch

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