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Jello? Cottage Cheese? Applesauce?


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Hey Everyone....Bands....

So, I am on day 11 post band and I just want something other than water, tea, slimfast, soup....you know...what's the yea or nae with sugar free jello, or non fat cottage cheese? I heard "don't blend" but then I hear about people blending things. I do not want to go off my 21 day liquid diet, I just need some variety. Because I am so strict with my self, I literally only drink what's on the handout I got. So, either I need to work on my creativity with soup or I need a little bit of an OK from someone else to add some super duper soft stuff (see above) into my daily routine. Just a FYI, I have had NO trouble with anything I've tried so far. Thank goodness!! :) I don't want to blow this!! :)


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