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What is the double buttress technique?


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Do a search for stapling techniques and see if you can find a site that explains it in laymens terms. We are not supposed to add links to the site as many people abuse that. In my VERY crude way I will try to explain, anyone else feel free to correct me if your understanding is different. Basically when you use non buttress (reinforced) staples one has a greater chance of leaks. Using a buttress type of staple minimizes this chance, using DOUBLE buttress staple lines reduces the chance of leaking even further.

No matter WHAT a doctor does (Dr Ortiz uses this technique as it is the best one) if you abuse your tummy early on you can still cause problems. Sometimes things happen and leaks do occur (we all heal differently) BUT Ortiz does not release you from his care until he gets a post op leak test. It is done right there in his clinic, (not the most pleasant tasting thing I have ever had but far from the worst) the doc doing the procedure will watch as the liquid makes it's way to your tummy and if it is completely held within your tummy you are good to go. In the coming months your body will form scar tissue around this permanent suture line giving it even more structure and strength. It is imperative that you stay on the liquid diet during this healing process. Just because some people read about others that cheat and do well they sometime think they may do the same...that is when most people that end up with problems do, they don't follow the post op instructions and end up with issues, sometime right away and sometimes in the coming months.

If you follow his instructions this is a simple surgery, seldom resulting in complications. I know that ANY surgery is scary and traveling out of the country is a bit scary as well. I personally have had a total of 10 surgeries in my life so can say with confidence that the treatment I received there was second to none. The ONLY regret I have with my surgery with Dr. Ortiz is that I didn't have it sooner.

Good luck to you how exciting for you to be at the cusp of a whole new life!!

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The technique involves a traditional staple line and the he tucks the staple line in and then STITCHES over that to make it more secure.

Think of a sleeve and plication combined, in a way...

Do a YouTube search for inverted gastric sleeve. There is an excellent video by a dr in TX that shows it. (Way to $$ for my pocket) Seeing this technique, but knowing I was going to Mexico, led me to start looking for Drs that did the oversewing and that's how I found Dr. Ortiz.

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