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Gifts! So bad I can't even make this stuff up


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Ok so I know all of us have probably had some moments of why in the heck did you think this was a good idea for a gift for me.

Here are some of mine. My birthday is today and we (my family kids and husband) celebrated with his family on Sunday. His mom made me a birthday dinner per my request (chicken veggies and baked potato) I will be starting my pre op diet soon THEY DO NOT KNOW I AM GETTING THE SURGERY.

So what dose she get me for my birthday what every over weight person trying to diet wants a home made loaf of bread. UGH.

This isn't the first time she has given me food for a gift. These are past food items gifts.

Christmas of 2009 she bought me 2 new Pyrex pie pans and one was filled with home made cinnamon rolls. :o

Christmas of 2007 I got a 9x13 Pyrex pan filled with the most comical thing of all pumpkin pie.

Ok so yes I am over weight but I as diagnosed with PCOS in Feb 2007 and at that time gave up bread and as most refined white flour, sugar make things then. I do have my moments when I eat those things but I am not known for chowing down on them.

Thanks for listening to my funny vent. Please share if you have any stories too. I am sure I am not the only person that this had happened too.

P.S My step father in-law was so upset and mortified I got a gift sent to me via UPS with a note saying I could trade my gift for a loaf of bread. LOL it made my day and was the sweatiest thing anyone has done for me in a LONG TIME.

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