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Any good creams for acne scars and keloid scars ?

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Though post pregnancy scars has been usually overlooked, I would love to know if anybody had experiences with keloid scars or acne scars. Any positive experiences with natural creams to treat scars? I used the invinible on my belly scars, the results were wonderful - Does this also help for acne scars or keloid scars ? Has anybody used or heard of the Invicible scar cream good for keloid or acne scars ???

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Kelo-cote is absolutely amazing. It healed up my boyfriend's scar from spinal surgery.... It's expensive at most places, but you can buy it off ebay for way cheaper, or Walgreens online.

Hope that helps!

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I used invicible for my acne scars and the results are remarkable. Within 3 weeks and a half my scars were almost gone. The texture of it is very smooth and silky, which I like and it smells good. Definitely worth the investment, you won't regret it. I'm pretty sure that it'll work on keloid scars too

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