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Gas pain -almost two years post op


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God day,,

I was banded almost two years ago at the OCC and have struggled with gas pain ever since

Sometimes I find at night it is hard to sleep and feel like I can burp the alphabet if I needed to (this is during the day and at night)The pain I have seems to not be in the stomach but more so inbetween the should blades and inbetween the top of my rib cage.   Sometimes it feels like gas bubbles rising and it is painful. Gas pills do not work.........   Is this common? What can I do to subside this pain?

Also, when I get stressed or excited I get an aching pain (inbetween my shoulder baldes)

I do not know if this could all be related. Am I just ultra sensitive? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated



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Thank you Lindsay for the reply. I used to have my band to tight but a few months ago i removed 2 cc and I can eat a lot more than before.

Hmm ... just out of curioustiy, how many cc's do you currently have, and how many does your band hold?

Do you drink carbinated drinks?

Just going through a mental list in my head of things that be causing excess gas ... :)

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