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Plastic Surgery at Cosmed

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I will be having my band removed next week because of a revision I had at Cosmed.

My port was moved during a very minor revision to my tummy tuck, without my knowledge,

and I developed an infection. There appears to be no recourse, I can't even get my

surgical records from Cosmed for my US doctors, or even a return phone call. I never

thought this could happen. Hoping I can maintain my weight loss with all I've learned

over the years. I would hate to see this happen to anyone else.

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Thanks Lisal, I did return to OCC and the doctors advised I get my band out because of the risk of complications from the port infection.

Turns out I have multiple areas of scar tissue in my stomach from the procedures I had at Cosmed. I'll be glad when this is all behind me.

I'm happy to hear you've had your ps procedures done in the US... better safe than sorry. Cheers!

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Cosmed in my opinion is a choice I wish I would have never picked. A big mistake. I've had multiple after surgery issues. There's a lot more plastic surgeons out there doing a lot better work than Cosmed. It takes a little work finding them, but they're out there.

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