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What to do about Constipation?


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I had my surgery 7 days ago and I'm doing overall pretty good. However, I was have some pain in my stomach and decided to take Oxycoden that I had at home for a few days. Now I'm constipated and don't know what to do. I did take 1 tsp of Miralax this afternoon but not sure if that is going to work. My husband is out of town, and of course when I told him he freaked out that I took this pain medication and miralax without talking to the doctors. I called the doctors and left a message for them to call me back. But now I'm freaking out?!?!? Anyone know if Oxycoden or Miralax are okay to take? I'm not going to take anymore but just hoping I didn't cause any damage. :( The good news is I'm down 23 lbs total (13 pre-op, and 10 post). Overall, I'm doing great. Not hungry at all, in fact it is hard for me to get all my protein in. Any advice/feedback would be greatly appreciated.



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Just an update. The doctor called me back this evening and said I would be fine. However, he advised me not to take any more Oxycoden but to take Tylenol instead. Also, he suggested Milk of Magnesia!

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