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Monday is the day

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Yay! I fly to San Diego on Sunday morning and go from there to the Marriott. Monday is surgery day... one of my fears is that they will get the band off and not be able to do the sleeve for several months. Not only would that be an emotional crash-and-burn, but all these days of protein shakes only would be wasted, and I would have to buy another round trip ticket from Florida.... mmm.. just remembered that if I don't have surgery I will have to change my flight plans and that will be even more expensive! The money tree in our backyard is bare... I just hope that they can do everything on Monday.

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For your sake i hope they can do it all in one day as well. BUT remember that nothing will be done there will compromise YOU! And the days of liquid diet may seem not worth it but it does help to shrink your liver giving Ortiz a bit more room to work so it is never for a lost cause. You are going to LOVE your sleevie!! Mine is my best friend. Keep us posted, sending good thoughts and prayers your way.

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