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Recommendation about losing weight quickly

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I'm a very small height, however I've never thought about myself as petite. Growing up nobody has never watched what I ate, so I would be eating fast food or sweets all the time. At a size 13 I moved to California from Alabama, and I was impressed how thin looking men and women were there. But it didn't motivated me to lose weight. So, I stoped eating bad food until I got size 17. Now, I'm getting married, and I'm very excited about it. But because I'm very sick of being very huge, I want to try to at last get rid of weight and buy me at the very least size eight dress. But my fiance says to me that I'm gorgeous just how I am, and I should not stress out a lot about it. I purchased because I think I should have diet products to get in shape. Just a few months before the wedding. Can you give me any ideas how I should get rid of weight fast?

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Always keep in mind if you are over wight then you have to go for two comination excercise as well as

diet. Only reducing diet will not helpful. Ya diet is very important role in reducing weight but excercise

with proper diet will help you equally...

Thanks and Regards

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