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I would like to throw out a word of caution to those of you who are eating a gluten free diet. Unless you have Celiac's disease, it is NOT recommended that you go gluten free. People will swear that it makes their complexions glow or cause them to lose weight, but there is no empirical data to support that. There IS empirical data to support the fact that a gluten free diet is missing a number of key nutrients and fiber. If you have Celiac's disease, you have no choice. If you don't have Celiac's disease, then another choice than gluten free is probably better. From the Ultrawellness Center - "Unless you have celiac's disease, there is no benefit to a gluten free diet and possibly some harm caused by it due to "frankenfoods" made to replace gluten free products." There are dozens of medical references to these facts, so if you are thinking of doing gluten free, please talk to a gastroentronologist first.

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