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Questions for plication patients 1 year or more post op.

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I am interested in getting the plication surgery. Hearing about so many surgeries done by the OCC, I would like to here from plication patients that got there surgery done a year or more ago.

I am about 200 lbs, BMI of 35. I just want to hear the REAL stories and experiences of those who had the same fears as me and made the ultimate decision.

If you are out there it this worked for you, please share with me your stories.

Thank you

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I was seeking the same information whe I was looking into plication so I am happy to share my experience with you :) First of all congratulations on making a choice for YOU! Hope this helps ease your mind - obviously everyone has a different experience but I'm happy with my outcomes so far.

I had my plication on March 7th 2011. My max weight was 291lbs and i was in poor health. I was only 38 and worrying about how i could care for my kids. Made the very difficult decision and started the journey. They do a preop diet for a couple of weeks prior to surgery, and i felt that once i made the decision i had a newfound motivation and took it more seriously. on the day of surgery I weighed in at 269lb, right now I am in a plateau stuck at 204.

I had an absolutely flawless experience - no difficulties post op and no complications since then. I know some of the other patients I met there had some nausea afterwards but no major issues. As for my recovery, sticking with the liquid diet was probably the biggest challenge but once I progressed to regular foods I've had smooth sailing. Just follow the guidance they give you - drink lots of water, don't drink while eating or after meals (it will make you feel full and in my case, just uncomfortable). you quickly know your new limitations as far as how much you can eat.

From a medical standpoint, I had high blood pressure, back & knee problems, and sleep apnea - all of which have resolved since my plication. I am a new person!

I know I have been fortunate to have had a very smooth experience. I also know that my current plateau is related to an unrelated medical issue that has limited my activity - once I get back on my feet I'll be able to exercise and get back on track. I think I have quite a bit of excess skin that surely weighs a few pounds so I'd be curious to know how much that weighs :)

I am an RN and was very cautious with this decision - it is the best choice I've ever made and I have no reservations recommending Dr Ortiz & OCC. I got a lot of grief from my colleagues about going to Mexico - I was very nervous, I won't lie - but I have nothing but positive things to say about that team. Tijuana is a little scary to look at but I felt absolutely safe - we were picked up and driven around by the OCC shuttle and some of the other patients/guests even went shopping etc while there.

I hope others share their experiences too - good or bad - it will help you sort out things. ultimately everyone needs to go with their gut - pardon the pun :)

Take care and good luck, whatever you decide.


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First I should tell you that I had my surgery less than a year ago...matter of fact it was April 2, making it just 2 months ago. I'm very short, 4'8" and weighed 166.5 lbs. with a BMI of 37.5,

I have lost 30lbs so far. I hope to lose another 20. I'm thrilled with my surgery. I've lost fast and steady. I should also tell you that I ended up with gall bladder surgery less than a month after the Plication surgery. I was having Gall Bladder problem before plication surgery and too stubborn to tell the doctors. I was afraid they would not do my surgery.

So my advice to all those considering plication surgery.

If you are having gall bladder problem or tummy problems tell the dr.

I am so glad I had the surgery. I have lost at least 2 clothing sizes.

I look so much better but more importantly I feel better. My ankles no longer swell. I'm not as clumsy. I have more energy. I'm happier about me.

Thank you to Dr. Ortiz and the whole staff. You are terriffic.


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